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"Just like everything else in the digital world, email has gone mobile." -Michael Levanduski (Marketing Reporter, September 2012)

Mobile email open rates increased 32% in 1st half of 2012

Whether you want to admit it or not, unless the links in your emails are leading to a mobile optimized offer, you are losing revenues on mobile traffic. MobileClick detects if a user is on a mobile device and serves them a mobile optimized offer, making it the ideal tool to optimize your email marketing campaign.

With MobileClick, you will:
  • Increase your revenue up to 40%.
  • Make your user's experience much better thereby reducing complaints.
  • Exponentially increase your EPC from your mobile clickers.
  • Take advantage of our exclusive
* We serve up optimized offers built for mobile devices which is single optimization. However we go a step further and identify which offers will give you the highest payout and deliver those first... A DoubleOptimization™ offer means up to 25% more revenue over a standard singularly optimized offer.

The Dilemma

The best way to understand what we do, is to see what we do.

Emailer (you) sends out email.

In the second half of 2012 we're seeing nearly 50% of emails being opened on mobile devices.

These emails have links that lead to an offer.

75% to 90% of these offers ARE NOT mobile optimized.

When your mobile clickers reach a page that is not mobile optimized, they leave!

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Consumers are increasingly more comfortable using their mobile devices to open and read email. You're probably not making money on 25% to 50% of all of your clicks because advertisers and networks have no idea just how valuable mobile responders are. We do. MobileClick is THE solution.

The Solution

MobileClick detects if your user is a mobile one, and routes that user to a mobile optimized offer that they can take action on.

  • Emailer (you) sends out the
    same email you normally would.
  • Your users open that email and click.
    Up to 50% of them click from their phones!
  • Mobile Click steps in and determines where that user
    needs to go—Increasing revenue by up to 40%.
  • MobileClick lets desktop traffic pass through
    to the standard offer your network displays.
  • MobileClick re-routes mobile traffic to
    mobile optimized offers and listings.
  • Your users are happy
    and take action.
  • You’re happy with the increased conversions
    and ultimately higher revenues.
The Solution

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Attention List Owners

With an ever increasing percentage of emails being clicked on from mobile devices, it is extremely important that you and your list managers listen up!

MobileClick will increase your gross revenue per drop by 25% and the integration is simple and seamless. It only takes about 5 minutes to learn and a few seconds to set up.

Most emailers understand that 30-50% of all of their clicks come from mobile devices, yet they have no idea how to monetize those clicks. Most of those clicks are going to web pages that are not optimized for mobile devices, resulting in little or no revenue from up to 50% of the clickers.

We have solved the problem that every mailer is aware of, but doesn't know how to fix. By using our technologies, you will earn more from your mobile clickers. Period.

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